Retail Brand Research – Lerida Estate Winery

For this task I chose to research one of the Canberra District wines that I sell at my work: Lerida Estate.  Lerida Estate is a Canberra/NSW District winery.  First planted in 1997, with 19.6 acres of vines planted on the lower slopes of Lake George.  Owned by Jim Lumbers and Anne Caine, Lerida Estate aims to: “realize the full potential of the high, cool lake George terroir to produce outstanding wines”.  Terroir being the set of all environmental factors that affect a crops qualities.  Lerida Estate wines have won many awards for their quality, such as the 2015 Shiraz Viognier winning a gold medal in the ‘Melbourne International Wine Competition 2016’.  For further information on their business, I have provided a link below.

What is the company’s “brand story” and how is this communicated in the design of the products and packaging?

Lerida Estate began with the passion to create an “outstanding pinot noir”.  This was Jim’s passion, and the selection of the land to explore this was greatly influenced by Dr Edgar Riek.  Influenced by Riek’s work and experience the main objective was to create a wine made from, high Australian quality fruit with an hint of French-style elegance and complexity in flavors.  As trying to start a winery based solely of one grape style is highly unrealistic, Jim and Anne produce a wide range of red and white wines, from easy drinking to premium wines.  Below are some images of the labels that are displayed on 3 of their wine types: red, white and rose:

The logo on the bottle changes slightly over the years, prior to 2015 it appears as tho the design featured the lake George landscape, in oranges/browns creating a very natural Australian feel to the design style.  Their 2015 range of wines they refaced their logo style, going for a much more simple and elegant design, the the L and E of Lerida Estate, being combined and directly representing the brand.  The shape that it is combined in is also very reminiscent of a vineyard with the rows of grape vines.

Who is the target market of the company? How do you think they address this target market (ie. use of colour, graphics, type of products)

Lerida Estate retails within the Canberra district and Sydney.  Selling to restaurants, independent bottle shops, vintage sellers and more.  Their wines can also be purchased from the online store, they wholesale for direct sales in Canberra and Sydney.  As well as this, they export their wines to China.  Lerida Estate wines are usually made in small quantities, making them not always easy to find.  This makes them increasing sought after, especially by those who are willing to make an effort to experience rewarding tasting experiences.

I think that as their target market has almost become those who are interested in quality wines (for their higher ranger certainly).  This makes the elegant label style particularly effective, being crisp and clean.

What type of packaging does the company use (branded carry bags, tissue paper, branded boxes etc.)? What does the packaging say/make you feel about the brand?

Wine bottle packaging is relatively conventional.  There are generally 3 distinct shape designs of the bottles, and these are designed (in general for specific types of wines).  Bottles can be sold individually, but are often boxed in sets of 6-12 bottles.

These general bottle shapes are:

  • The Burgundy bottle, being from a region in eastern France, most commonly used for Chardonnays and Pinot Noir.
  • The Bordeaux bottle, most commonly used for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
  • The Alsatian/Mosel bottle, originally created for storing Riesling

With all wine bottles being mostly standard, the most important aspect of branding a wine is in the label itself.  Lerida Estates newest label is quite sophisticated, and personally I really like it.  The general shapes of the L&E makes me think of a vineyard and the red on the white background with black clear text is very crisp.  This crisp style of logo and the simple and elegant design makes the brand feel more ‘high class’.  Even before this change, the Lerida Estate label was very simple, with a clear logo and readable white text.  For shipping, Lerida Estate transports in simply packaged branded boxes, with a simple framework inside to house the bottles.

Additional Information – Canturf

As well as Lerida Estate, I briefly looked into the Canberra company Canturf.  They are the largest supplier of turf in the Canberra district and have been going for 40 years.  Canturf has created a brand with a humors twist that the consumer will always remember.  They are responsible for the signs that say things like:  “It’s sexy & you grow it” or, “we want you to walk all over us”.  Below are some images of their signage:

I decided not to do extensive research on Canturf as their product consists mainly of lawn based products (ie. instant lawns, fertilizer and seeds).  Although the fertilizer and seeds come in their own packages, their major product being the lawn doesn’t, it is transported and ‘installed’.  I added Canturf into my blog because I thought it might be interesting to mention how such a simple little catch phase can really sink in and be the best selling point of a brand.  Canturf has down this amazingly with their humorous slogans.  Below is a link to their webpage where I did a bit of preliminary research:


Wine Bottle Shapes And Sizes


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